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                                                    • Holistic wellness vacations at the luxury VAMED Vitality World spa and health resorts.

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                                                          2. VAMED Vitality World’s thermal spa and wellness resorts have succeeded in bridging the gap between preventive medicine and health care tourism. With more than 3 million visitors annually in nine thermal spas and wellness resorts, betting 365 Vamed is the market leader in Austria. 

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                                                              • Leading international health care company VAMED launched its first spa and wellness operations in 1995. Today it operates nine of Austria’s most popular spa and health resorts under the VAMED Vitality World brand. Spa guests are given the full benefit of this expertise, and their personal wellbeing always comes first. Unique locations, outstanding architecture and an unwavering commitment to quality at all of the resorts transform a spa holiday into a holistic wellness experience.



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                                                                  The medical wellness treatments offered by our physicians and healthcare professionals mirror our holistic approach to healthy living. Options include everything from preventive healthcare plans to specially designed anti-aging programmes, skin care and aesthetic treatments and pioneering therapeutic approaches to back and joint complaints. Whichever path is chosen, the therapies and treatments on offer make a lasting contribution to visitors’ quality of life. The nutritional concept, prepared according to the principles of GourMED®-Cuisine, is a byword for healthy seasonal cuisine and an essential step on the path towards long-term vitality. Our spa and rehabilitation programmes and relaxation programmes for body and soul are shaped by the latest preventive healthcare findings.


                                                                    1. VAMED Vitality World brings together health and wellness in a unique approach that draws on more than three decades of experience, thanks to the activities of its parent company VAMED in its role as leading global healthcare service provider. The group uses this expertise to raise awareness of healthcare issues and better lifestyle choices, helping the more than 3 million people who visit its resorts each year to lead a healthier life.


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