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                                    The HPC qualifies participants to handle health issues with confidence.

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                                        1. The Helios Prevention Center (HPC) of betting 365 Helios offers programs for individual prevention and company health management in the form of checkups and health coaching at numerous locations around Germany. With VAMED Vitality World’s nine thermal spa and wellness resorts, betting 365 has bridged the gap between preventive medicine and health care tourism.

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                                                The HPC qualifies participants to handle health issues with confidence and enables them to achieve a performance grade that can function as a model. Health conscious and competent leadership can act as a beacon to bind together and motivate employees. HPC sees itself as a partner for companies where value creation depends on capable employees.

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                                                    1. Top performers aren’t the only ones facing stiff challenges. Life is moving faster, the world is getting smaller, the separation between a professional and personal life is disappearing – and it won’t be long before we likely will find ourselves working longer. This is where the labor market is headed: Germany will lack two million workers by 2020. Companies will need to keep their workforces healthy.

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                                                                1. Businesses hold the key to helping their employees shoulder the new burdens – together with a strong partner. HPC views itself as a partner to businesses that want to actively promote the health of their employees. From a one-day checkup at a Helios clinic to health workshops lasting several days at beautifully situated resorts – our modular program combines Helios quality with the ambience of exclusive hotels. Studies show occupational health care measures generate outstanding cost-benefit ratios.

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                                                                      The thermal spa and health care resorts of the VAMED Vitality World offer medico-therapeutic methods and a wide range of applications aimed at improving our guests' physical and mental wellbeing. VAMED has put its many years of experience in health care to good use and bridged the gap between preventive medicine and health tourism. 



                                                                          With more than 3 million visitors annually in nine thermal spas and wellness resorts, we are the market leader in Austria. 

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